Accounting firms support Receipt Depot


Receipt Depot has a mission to help businesses streamline tracking and monitoring their expenses. Our main objective is organize the process of collecting and documenting each and
every expense transaction.

With this in mind, our sales team members meet accounting firms in order to help their clients from various industries simplify expense bookkeeping and as such, make financial statements’ preparation much easier, more efficient and productive as well as meet obligations and requirements of tax authorities.

It has been a great experience to see strong support and attention of accounting firms to  Receipt Depot’s approach in gathering, storing and reporting every single expense of the

When it comes to producing proper back up documentation to support the claims, for many years accountants have faced many challenges with business owners’ lack to produce necessary
documents requested by tax authorities. Every accounting firm that we met was excited to see and recognize the great benefit and simplicity of using Receipt Depot app for both users and
accounting firms. All accounting professionals we met so far agreed unanimously that this a must have app for any small business owner and they encourage their clients to use the app in
their daily business activities.

Majority of Accounting firms recognized the fact that it will save a lot of time for their clients to start with. Also, it will substantially reduce bookkeeping costs within their accounting firms
which in turn means they will have the opportunity to serve more clients of their own. Some of the accountants even mentioned how much challenge they have each month with their clients when it comes to requesting them to provide complete package of all documents and that majority of them are not able to produce them.

With all of these in mind, Receipt Depot will be expanding its marketing to more businesses which are in serious need of proper document collection, storage and reporting.

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