About Us

About Us

Receipt Depot was founded in 2019 by an accounting and business management professionals. 

The idea of Receipt Depot was inspired by hardworking people’s day-to-day struggles and hassles of tracking their daily Sales and Expense records. We were astonished by the fact that regardless of the availability of numerous similar solutions, trades’ professionals, self-employed people and small businesses still have a hard time to do proper bookkeeping.

Our Mission is to make bookkeeping services absolutely seamless and mobile for the organization of any size and scale. No matter if your business is a one-man show or a huge corporation with a vast range of operations, Receipt Depot will meet your needs.  We are achieving this by providing a unique value proposition and the necessary set of features.  
We are proud that Receipt Depot was designed by the substantial contribution of real customers with practical inputs from day to day life of trades’ professionals, self-employed people and small businesses. 

Our Vision is to find the best balance between simplicity, speed and relevance of the user interface and features by making bookkeeping process as easy as our motto:

Tap, Snap & Go!

Receipt Depot is alumni of The Accelerator